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Give much needed gift of inspiration during a difficult time!

Mpower Someone Special

$45.00 / month

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Humans and Loneliness- Inclusion for human beings is a lot like the necessity of food.  We have a fundamental need to be included, we are social animals!  Yet with social media, the divorce rate at 50% and climbing, 70% of young people claim bullying in their schools- Choas in life can be catastrophic!  Loneliness doesn’t discriminate on age, gender, demographics, race- Loneliness is catastrophic and our life events don’t help to calm it. when our need for social relationships is not met, we fall apart mentally and even physically. There are effects on the brain and on the body. Some effects work subtly, through the exposure of multiple body systems to excess amounts of stress hormones. Yet the effects are distinct enough to be measured over time, so that unmet social needs take a serious toll on health, eroding our arteries, creating high blood pressure, and even undermining learning and memory.

Mpower Someone Special  is a subscription box that shows up on your loved one’s doorstep every month to let them know, they’re not alone. Someone is thinking about them and wants to help include them in life!  Mpower Movement is an experience, arriving in a box with strong encouraging words on the outside, yellow tissue paper on the inside to give them a ray of sunshine in your darkest state… and then, an experience with strong, motivational items to use in their everyday life.  Each box will contain 4-5 high quality items found in boutique shops like Papyrus, Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales.  Mpowering Movement handpicks each month boxes with love and caring and thoughtfulness.  AND THEN on top of that- they will get a gift to send or give to someone else.  The joy of giving; it makes EVERYONE feel good to give.


For $45/box*, we select 5-6 Kick it in the butt motivational items AND a Pay It Forward Gift every month. Delivered in a beautiful package full of inspirational messages, customize a personal note, send them to someone special in your life.

Thoughtful Treasures

Not just more meaningless junk. REAL AWESOME items will keep you motivated every day.

The Gift of Giving

Treat yourself or buy a subscription for a loved one. Can’t decide what to get? We do gift certificates too!

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your subscription at any time! Or feel free to skip a month and start back up later!

*Price plus shipping & tax. Birthday Boxes are yearly subscriptions. Only available in the US.


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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

– Helen Keller
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