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Every month, life throws you curve balls and our mission is that you never feel lonely, we want to Mpower you to get through ANYTHING thrown your way- that’s why… MPowering Movement is a subscription-based box.  You must sign up for an annual subscription and agree to our terms of service and conditions.  Because we want you to move your life forward- You can cancel at any time in writing.

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The Birthday Box is a Birthday Gift- gift yourself, gift your friend who needs to know it’s a SPECIAL DAY!  Set up a repeat birthday gift one time annually or set up a unique MPowering Birthday Box for a set of friends, the more the merrier.  Everyone deserves balloons on their birthday!

ANY AGE! Birthdays are meant to be celebrated.  carry the spirit of a child into any age.  Don’t let your friend be along on his/her birthday, the birthday box will arrive on the door step of the receiver in time for his/her birthday.

YES!  Mpowering Movement includes all ages and all genders.  we want to inspire and motivate everyone to get through life’s hard times together.  No-one is alone or excluded.

Monthly, once you place the order your initial monthly box will be charged right then and then every month there after on a monthly date.

Age 5+ is best for the Mpowering Movement Kick Ass Kids… why kids?  Because little people have big problems, concerns and uncertainty too!  No person no matter how small or young should feel the sense of being alone in life’s uncertain times.

Yes!  Our team of Mpowering Movement Mom’s have hand-picked wholesome, inspiring and motivational items for kids of all ages.  Even the adults who are young at heart and want to explore their inner child will find security in an Mpowering Movement Box.

We created the F-IT ALL Box because let’s be real- not every day is rosy and sunshine… It’s for days when you wake up and Say – JUST F IT ALL… maybe you need your super hero powers to help you get through the day. It gives you an edge and strength in adult language and humor.  This is meant for people 18+ in age and who have a sense of humor and want some strong curse words to give them some OOMPH and encouragement

YES!  just email us and we’ll apply that change to your subscription for the next month.  We need to know what you want and we will make sure you receive the Motivational Box or F-It All Box.

ABSOLUTELY!!  We welcome all mpowering movement suggestions and would be honored to learn more about your products and services that help to cure loneliness, one movement forward at a time.  Please email us and we’ll respond.