A little bit about Mpowering Movement in the words of our founder!

You are Brave! Nothing is Impossible! You are my Hero and You are Fearless! You can Do Anything your Heart Desires… GO GET IT! GO CONQUER YOUR DREAMS!

WOW!! How do you feel after reading those strong words? MPowering Movement, Mpowering YOU to move your life forward through all of the chaos with Strong Inspirational words on everyday Items delivered to your doorstep, proven to put a smile on your face and to warm your heart! WHY? CUZ Someone gave a damn and thought about you.

Together we are going to Kick It IN THE BUTT!  KICK WHAT?  KICK “IT”  What are you trying to KICK in the butt?  Kick my divorce…one Mpowering Movement Box at a time. This box will show up on a doorstep when someone needs it- when you need those words of encouragement after a long craptastic day, Mpowering ABOVE all of the challenges life threw at you- DUCK! Because what comes in the box is powerful- strong words of encouragement on every day items that you can use to get you through it. You ARE GOING TO BE BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!

So, have you cried your eyes out today?

I did – for one year I cried on average 8 hours a day at work, I couldn’t see through the tears to my computer screen- NOW- I’m going to KICK “IT” in the A$$ with Mpowered Strength from ALL OF YOU! Wait! There’s more… YOU are going to KICK “IT” in the butt… KICK Loneliness, Kick Illness, Kick Grief, Kick Anxiety, Kick Depression… KICK IT ALL in the A$$! Send someone you know an Mpowering Movement package.

No One Needs to cry the birthday blues any more… why? There’s an Mpowering Movement Birthday Box. Gift it to yourself or to a friend. YOU deserve to open a gift box on your birthday. I ordered myself one of those clothing subscription based boxes for my birthday, just so I would have something to open. I had a gift box to open…

Ahhhh The Joy of Giving…

You will feel better by sending a friend an Mpowering Movement Box. And the effects it will have on the friend receiving it will be AMAZEBALLS! You KNOW how good it feels when you pay it forward? When you send someone a surprise and wait for them to call you and thank you for it?! BOOM! MPOWERING MOVEMENT…. Moving your life forward with kindness, positivity and JOY like you’ve never felt before- because together we ARE CURING LONELINESS!


The earliest, most vibrant childhood memory that I can conjure in my mind is that of a meek little mousy brown haired child all balled up in a leather brown recliner crying and writing a letter. Where the he!! was my guardian angel to scoop down, hold me and tell me it’s going to be OK? Why wasn’t I outside playing with other little kids, dressed like a super hero with a mask and cape? You Can Be Someone’s Real Life Angel…Fairy GodMother…

Fast Forward through my life…bullying, negativity, physical abuse, emotional abuse BUT WORSE… Being told I CAN’T! Everyone told me… “you can’t do that…” and I proved them wrong, every time, single handedly, I ROSE UP, FOUND MY INNER STRENGTH!

Mpowering Movement turns all of those “CAN’TS” into “CANS”…

WE CAN all be inspired to move forward in life with positive words!

It’s time for a care package that’s positive and doesn’t discriminate on age, gender, ethnicity and it isn’t samples… it’s high quality items found “Just for you”!

We are on a mission to Kick Loneliness in the A$$; one Mpowering Movement at a time. “WHAT IF” one night I came home to a box of “someone thought about me today”??

Inspiring a new generation

Mpowering Movement is a company built by YOU, for YOU!

When I was struggling to care for myself and at the same time how could I tell my kids “everything is going to be ok”? What if I could have sent my kids a care package to ease their worries and stress and anxiety as they bounced between 2 new homes??

NOW WE CAN! MPowering Movement is a personal passion to cure loneliness so that NOONE feels like they are alone in life! NO Matter what you are going through, illness, weight loss, divorce, bullying, anxiety and stress, loss of loved one, loss of a pet, financial struggles- Mpowering Movement is here for you.


Inspiring a new generation

We want to hear your story- How are you going to KICK IT* IN THE A$?  How  has Mpowering Movement  helped you or someone you know?  OR if you just because you need a listening ear – we’re here for you!


Sharers are carers… care to share your story?

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

– Helen Keller